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Here’s How To Get Super Soft Lips!

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The winters are here and so are the dry, chapped lips that are a package deal with the harsh cold. Most of us suffer from the curse that are dry lips in the winter months, but don’t stress – we have a few easy home remedies jotted down that will help you get super-soft, naturally pink lips!

1. Hydrate – Well, this one is a no-brainer, but we tend to neglect it often. To keep our skin well-hydrated, it is imperative that we drink at least 8 full glasses of water in a day. This really is the easiest way to soft, plump lips.

2. Sugar & Honey Scrub – Mix 1 teaspoon sugar with some honey and make a sweet scrub for your chapped lips! Massage for around 2 minutes and leave it on for another two, before washing off with warm water.

3. Salt and Olive Oil – Mix some regular salt and olive oil together to make another moisturizing exfoliant for your lips. Use at least twice a week to get the luscious lips you always wanted!

4. Honey & Glycerin – While you can apply honey as it is (as an alternative to lip balm) several times a day, mixed together with glycerin, it packs a powerful punch of moisture restoration that can be left on overnight.

5. Coconut/ Olive Oil – Massage your lips with either coconut oil or olive oil once everyday and you will have a super soft mouth in no time at all!

6. Ghee Massage – Give your dry, roughened lips a ghee massage everyday and watch them turn soft, plump and utterly kissable in a week!

7. Vitamin E Oil – Apply Vitamin E oil (available as capsules) every night before going to bed and wake up to rejuvenated lips.

8. Soft-Bristled Toothbrush – Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with some toothpaste on it to gently remove the layer of dead skin on your lips, moving it in circular motions. Repeat this treatment once a week to maintain ultra-soft lips.

9. Red Fruits – Eat red-colored fruits and veggies like tomatoes, strawberries, beetroot and pomegranates to get naturally pink lips.

10. SPF 10 – Sunlight can damage  the lips as much as it does the skin, causing ugly pigmentation and darkening the mouth. Make sure you wear lipstick and lip balm with a minimum SPF 10. We recommend Nivea Vitamin Shake lip balm with SPF 10 (it smells divine!).

11. Decrease Daily Caffeine Intake – This might be the hardest thing to do, but studies have shown that decreasing our daily tea or coffee intake can turn the lips pink and plump.

12. Quit Chewing Lips – If you have a habit of chewing or constantly licking your lips, quit now! Chew gum instead to get over the oral fixation, as constantly wetting your lips with saliva will just make them drier.

Try out these home remedies for moisturized, healthier and soft lips and tell us in the comments below how you liked them and which ones worked for you!


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