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This 60 Year Old French Guy Is Also A Great Looking Model!

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Philippe Dumas is a 60 years old (excuse us for stating the obvious!) hottie who caught our eye on Instagram. Since it’s not everyday that we run into older models that are so good-looking and in such good shape, we decided to ask the man himself how he does it. Read on below to find out!

1. Please tell our readers about your background in the film and entertainment industry up until now.

I am 60 year old since July 27. During 20 years I have be working in the movie business as a location and unit manager. 

I used to work with famous French directors such as Patrice Chereau, Cedric Klapish, Benoit Jacquot etc… Then after that for 10 years I worked in the advertising business as a production coordinator. 6 months ago since the company I worked wit bankrupted, I had to think of finding a new job. I grew my beard longer. That was when people got interested in my look. I joined 6 agencies: Urban talents, Vip, Profil, John Doe, Master and Wanted and started modeling. Many photographers contact me to do tests or for different projects. At the end of January i have an interesting part in a video clip for electronic music. 3 days shoot. My career as a senior model is young but it starts well. I have great expectations. 


2. How and when did modelling happen?

7 months ago after the company I was working in bankrupted I had to think about getting a job in another one. As you should no 60 yo is kinda old in this business so I decided to quit the production business to modelling. That was a challenge . Fortunately new faces on the modelling market are very welcome and my beard was a plus since it is very trendy in Europe at the moment. After visiting some modelling agencies i was booked by VIP agency, Wanted, Masters, John Doe, Urban talents and Profil.


3. How do you cope with the strict lifestyle that comes with being a model?

We have to be very careful when getting to an older age not to be overwhelmed by the transformation happening to the body. It’s necessary not to give up and keep the same activities and life routine as when younger. This leads us to the following question.

4. What kind of diet/ exercise routine do you have to follow, being 60 years in age?

I go to the gym 5 days a week doing weight lifting for the muscles, cardio for the heart and some ballet dancing for the fun and a good body posture. Regarding my diet, I love food but I have to be very careful not to put too much weight on so I try to eat healthy but sometimes I fall for a nice and juicy hamburger full of carbs. No smoke. Alcohol is just a way to me to socialize.

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5. Do you feel the strain of keeping up with the fast paced fashion industry, health-wise?

No strain here. I love fashion and its fast pace but we should not forget that fashion is a circle and very often it takes ideas from the past. Never get rid of clothes  it will become trendy again. 

6. You must have younger men coming up to you for style advice all the time. What do you tell those men?

Very often, thanks to my job, I am surrounded by young people either on a movie set or a shoot. At my great surprise most of the time they  compliment my look and ask for a selfie with me. Finally I keep thinking that getting older is not such a bad thing ;)

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7. Your beard seems to be your USP. How much time and effort does it take to maintain it? Do you have special products you use?

Thanks to my beard and thanks God it grows very well despite the fact I have no hair on the rest of my body. My beard makes me noticed and people recognize me because of it. It is not seldom that someone says to me I saw you there or weren’t you at this place the other day…. It makes me smile because most of the time they are right. 

Just like a woman pays a great attention to her hair I cherish my beard. I always feel like touching or caressing it. It’s very relaxing. I have to struggle with this envy no to do it too much though. Every morning I put some scented oil on it to make it silky and smooth then I comb it for the oil to fully impregnate it. This way my beard gets a shiny look. After each meal I wash it to be sure it’s perfectly clean. Once in a while during the day i use a little mustache horn comb to straighten it 

peigne Justine_Cardinael

8. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

This is an interesting question but only God knows. The only thing I am sure of is that one must stay young in the head and struggle for the years not to take advantage of your body. What I also know  is  there will be always a need for a 65 yo man in good shape and feeling well in his body and mind.

You can follow Philippe Dumas on Instagram @dumphil. 

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