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The Best and Worst Trends Of 2015

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Another year, another set of new trends coming in. As we welcome the new year ahead, we look back at 2015’s high and lows in fashion. Which trends do we take with us to the next year and which should we retire immediately?


One Earring – The runways this year mandated for you to choose a generously sized pair of earrings with a strange catch: just wear one of them. But the feeling is weird and, for bystanders who are not fashionably inclined, they’d just think, “Did she forget to put her other earring?” or worse, “Poor girl. She lost her earring.” We don’t want that, do we?


Furry Soled Shoes – Comfortable? Probably. Worth looking like you slid stuffed animals into your mules? Probably not.


Too-Micro Bags -When we said miniature bags are in next year, we didn’t mean ridiculously teeny-tiny handbags. You know, the types that are only acceptable if worn by Barbie dolls? These bags are cute for sure but what’s the point of even bringing one if you can barely fit your phone in it?


Elongated Sleeves – Céline and Stella McCartney introduced the “super sleeves,” with lengths that extend beyond your hands. Chic as they may look on the runways, we think you should still prioritize dexterity over anything else.


Sarong Pants – The giveaway is in the name. Is it a sarong? Is it a pant? The objects in question have a slice of fabric cut diagonally across the front of the pants, and tie on the side of the waist, just like a sarong. Only they’re pants. It’s the equivalent of wearing a sarong skirt over a pair of pants, so if you really want to buy into the bizarre trend without forking over $1000 on a designer pair, you can just do that.



Boudoir Dressing – Gone are the days when sexy silk dresses were just meant for the bedroom. This year, brands like Balenciaga and Céline allowed them to see the light of day. We can see you making that come-hither look with extra style mileage until next year and probably beyond, even!


A-line Mini Skirts – Worn atop bare legs or tights, they’re seasonless and leg-lengthening: a winning combo.


Bare Shoulders – This year’s erogenous zone of choice is your shoulder area. Off-shoulder dresses, bikini tops, and bandage tops are the pieces that took the forefront all year-long. Who knew that our very shoulders, which we often tend to hide, are actually a secret asset we should continue showing off?


Nerdy Bohemian – Did Gucci just become the newest trendsetter of the year? Ever since Alessandro Michele joined the famed Italian brand, nerdy bohemian has gotten everyone excited all-year round. Think ruffled floral dresses styled with geeky frames and berets and printed suits matched with loafers and brightly hued ties. Yes, Alessandro is actually the best thing that happened to fashion this 2015.


Monochrome and Neutrals – If we were to look at the street style outfits of the stars, we’d be bombarded with tons of monochromatic looks and chic neutrals. Real-life dressing has been pared down and it’s never looked this enticing to wear! Kendall Jenner made white and beige the coolest color palette and many rocked black-on-black à la Gigi Hadid. Amid the maximalist trends of the year, subtle fashion choices will continue to rule the streets well into the next few months.


Ponchos – Cozy and statement-making, we pray that these guys stay around for years to come. (Not least because we’re this close to justifying the investment of a midnight suede fringe situation.)


Culottes – We’ve said it time and time again: Culottes might be the perfect pants. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and the billowy breeze isn’t half bad.


Dhoti Pants – One of the absolute best trends of Indian occasion-wear. We now have a refreshingly different choice of clothing to pick instead of the classic Lehenga and Palazzos. Come wedding season, you can bet we’ll be pairing our cholis, kurtas and crop tops with super stylish dhoti pants, for the ultimate chic effect.


What was your favorite trend of 2015 and which one you’d rather leave behind in the year past? Tell us in the comments section below!



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