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Dapper looks you should have HIM try!

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Men’s hairstyle is taking an uptrend. Let’s face it – how your man looks effects your style too. This season men are looking retro chic and taking fashion back to the era of  the 1950s and 60s for cool inspirations. With hybrid looks making waves as styles embrace natural texture on hairstyles,  fades and undercuts are becoming increasingly  popular.


From ducktails to King sized lifts the pompadour hairstyle has maintained its popularity throughout the ages due to its versatility and fine dapper look. The style not only suits all face shapes but even all ages and can be easily modernized. Justin Timberlake and David Beckman are both fans of the reworked, contemporary quiff. For a slick result spray volume enhancing  hairspray over the hair. It will hold even the most outrageous hairdo  in place.



 This  new trend this season has been refined where men are opting for contrast between the scalp exposing sides and back, and volume on top. Alternatively, if you want to stay true to the Rockabilly nature of this look ask your hairdresser to keep some length on the back and sides. If you have fine hair then try volume foams available anywhere. The product will enhance the hair without weighing it down and is perfect for those seeking an extra boost.




The Fade is defined by the gradual increase of hair length from the neck to the crown. This is a  low maintenance  look but finding a skilled barber is essential for achieving this style. Comb over fades are gaining popularity as side parts make a comeback but by far the most popular fade of the season is the lower fade. The low fade removes weight but still retains the clean cut look. Men hairstylists are all fans of the fade but prefer the added length to play around with, creating a messed up look full of body and texture.




Controversial as it may be, the look is a sure head turner. If you prefer longer locks then don’t fret because the bun look is as easy to pull as it is to make. The style is bohemian and the less effort you put into this look the sexier it is. Men with both straight and curly hair can wear this look; however, if you prefer a smoother finish start by passing a gel styler through your hair first. This style has been on the radar for a while now so if you are already a top knot-devotee then perhaps the undercut/knot fusion is the change you need this season.




This edgy alternative is to lose the bun and chosen as an undercut while still keeping length on top. This look takes its roots from the pomp poof but the lift is quite subtle compared to its traditional brother. To keep everything in its place try cream wax products  to mould the lengthy ends into your desired shape.

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