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Your perfect BOUFFANT guide

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With the popular saying of “history repeating itself” we usually face past, right in the very  present. A very  popular hairstyle from the era of  1960s, the bouffant is back once again and is here to stay for good. Though not quite the same as Saira Bano might have worn it, today’s bouffant is just as elegant, feminine and mod as its classic counterpart. Designers such as Badgley Mischka and Chanel are sending sent their models down the fashion runways rocking the bouffant hair trend – a sure way to know when a style is going to be a hit. To learn how to perfect the modern bouffant hair trend yourself, follow these simple steps.


Step 1: The right way to Part hair

Using the pointed end of a rattail comb, create a deep side part in your hair, lining it up with the arch in your left or right eyebrow (depending on the side you prefer to part on).


Step 2: Adding  Volume

Next, tease the crown section of your hair using your rattail comb. To create the most volume, comb toward the scalp (this is also known as backcombing or ratting). If you love the volume that the ‘60s bouffant hair trend was known for, keep teasing. It’s always easier to remove volume later than it is to add more.


Step 3: Smoothing It Out

Now, use a small boar bristle brush to smooth your hair back, creating a perfectly polished bouffant.


Step 4: Securing Your Bouffant

To make sure your bouffant stays put (and all your hard work doesn’t go to waste), use several bobby pins to keep it in place. Opt for bobby pins in the same color as your hair to easily disguise them.

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Step 5: Setting it with Spray

Last but not least, spray your style with a setting hairspray for ultimate hold that lasts throughout the day.

Step 6: Dressing  It Up

As an optional finishing touch, try adding a fun accessory to the bouffant hair trend. A jeweled headband or sweet and simple wrap makes for an eye-catching addition to your hairstyle.




The perfect way to rock this style with a closed collar Indian wear or you can even go deep neck traditional. Adding  touch of bling and accessory to your newly achieved bouffant will give you the ease of glam and fab in no time. When it comes to Bouffant, the bigger is Better!

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