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Lets get a little INTIMATE about Fashion!

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We are in an age where Victoria’s Secret is no longer a secret!! Those little pink bags being carried around the mall, subtly hint the innermost fashion sense of its carrier. Lingerie should not only be your go to supportive garment, but an extension of Fantasy! If you think about it, it’s more reflective of your personal private style-lacy, satin or wispy-the choices are as endless as your imagination.


With a special place and hold in the closet, the lingerie fashion is cutely overtaking the space and value position among Indian girls. Boyfriends/ husbands chiming in their selections alongside their mates is showcasing  a new era of intimate fashions and buying behavior. Once considered a taboo, peek-a-boo straps or backless wear is making its visual presence without raising eyebrows. It is actually becoming what the new Indian WOMEN WANTS!

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The Indian lingerie market has undergone a phenomenal transformation over  the recent  years. During this time, there has been as much innovation in the making of lingerie as has been in the adapted styles.With the ever so advancing number of working women, changing fashion trends, the increased awareness about better fits, quality, brands, colors, styling, rising level of information and media exposure. Undoubtedly,  the entry of a large number of foreign brands has given the industry a new dimension and horizon.


With the change of dress code stems the need to dress differently- The modern woman is boldly going where no woman has gone before, and her lingerie naturally and seamlessly follows. With large international brands making their presence in India, the phenomenon has brought about some realignment in the fragmented lingerie market. With the influx of bold steps in advertising and media, the once hidden fashion trends are now being spotlighted and celebrated by the Indian femme.


With the rapid increase and overall  spreading of stores and accepting culture, the Indian lingerie segment is all set to grow further in the future. With the gaining popularity of lingerie boutiques all around us, the stigma of buying and wearing lingerie is now a thing of the past and long gone.  We are happily witnessing  changing times and young women being drawn to variety , styles and colors in their intimate wardrobes.

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Hence, taking over dull monochromes, a lot of overtly feminine shades have appeared in its full presence. Companies are constantly  twisting the fashion threads and bringing out new lingerie collections that make today’s women  feel comfortable, and at the same time, look stylish and glamorous. Intricate detailing and decorative seams are also the in-thing in lingerie today. With fabrics like Italian silks, satins, chiffons- French and Italian laces are becoming extremely popular.

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