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A Sneak Peak Into A Model’s Life

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Avid Instagram-mer, Sicilian model-turned-designer Roberta Tirrito gets candid with Style Aria about her brand Ladiessmokly, recently made available to shop in India, and her beauty and fitness secrets! Read on to find out how Roberta manages to stay pretty!

1. Tell our readers more about your label Ladiessmokly that’s been newly launched in India.

I created Ladiessmokly last April, I wanted to create something that reflected my signature style and basically something I usually wear. These dresses are not everyday wear but party dresses for special outings when girls like to dress it up – like going to the club or a romantic date! My thought behind this was that “good dresses take you good places” and this is I want to express in my clothing line. Most of the names of these dresses are towns I have visited.


2. How do you maintain your delightful curves? Tell us about your workout regime!

I love going to the gym and sweating it out 3 times a week there, but I never overdo it. I believe every girl must feel comfortable with her body without overexertions and I feel the same way! I eat anything I want, obviously with some nominal care, but I focus mostly on eating healthy. Eating is such a pleasure, I’d never give it up!


3. How influential do you feel social media (Facebook & Instagram specifically) is with concern to the success of your brand?

In the present times, social media is the most important way to showcase your talent, your personality and your abilities to a much wider audience. The success of my brand is absolutely based on this. Larger accessibility is everything to an online selling brand. Facebook and especially Instagram gives me that. Nowadays, girls need fashion and style inspiration, they go on Instagram! And it’s so much easier to shop online – so much more variety with countless brands selling!


4. What is the secret to your flawless skin?

I often use coffee scrub and hydrating cremes. One time a week I use masks for my face – they are necessary for rejuvenation. During winter months, I love using coconut oil because I think it works great on so many levels like toning, lightening scars and hydrating the facial skin.


5. Do you follow a particular diet that helps enhance your glow?

My only diet – that I strictly stick to – is eating healthy food six days out of seven. People shouldn’t focus too much on what they eat or follow some set diet. I think if you eat healthy food you won’t gaining weight the wrong way and you will feel good about your body and self!


6. What would be a few useful makeup tips that you could give our readers?

I really love make-up and I am literally addicted to so many products!For me, an absolute must for the lips is Bobby Brown lipgloss, my favourite color is light pink or nude. And I like Mac beauty products too, i think they are the highest quality love you can give to your skin – especially for foundations and face powder.


You can check out Roberta Tirrito’s range of clothing HERE. Also, you can follow her on her social media.

Instagram: @robertatirrito, @ladiessmokly

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