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3 Things You Can Do Instead Of Blowing Crackers!

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All through Diwali season we are hounded and pounded by unlimited posts and videos on the internet about why crackers are not all they are cracked up to be. Birds die, puppies and dogs are traumatised by all the noise and the environment takes a severe irreversible beating. Even our lungs suffer, but we don’t realise it straightaway. Many (frankly self-absorbed people who can’t see beyond their own fun) believe and even say it out loud that their holding back from firecrackers alone would not do much as the others will continue to blast patakhas and have all the loud, obnoxious fun. Might be that these people haven’t heard the saying “Boond boond mil ke bane sagar…” (drops of water make the sea).

What we all need to realise is that there are several other less-harmful, more dog-and-bird-friendly ways that can make our festival of lights so much fun! Here are 3 of them, as a sort of substitute for the act of blowing crackers (that are literally doing no one any kind of good)!


1. Dance Parties – If you just have to be loud, you can be loud in a good way. Dance the night away with family and friends and trust us, it’ll be just as fun. Might be more too! So instead of crackers, get a nice set of speakers, make a party playlist and invite all your peeps for a night of music and dancing. For decor, you already have the fairy lights and candles and you can just turn those on for extra effect!

2. Family Antakshari – Another great way of being loud and having oh-so-much fun is playing Antakshari with the entire extended family, cousins and all. Put all your guests into teams and all that is left is to start the game, le ke prabhu ka naam (with God’s grace)!

3. Card Games – We know that card games are already a part of Diwali tradition in many of the Indian households. Celebrate the festivities with a spirited game of cards or even carrom (with or without the involvement of money!) and your’s will be the much talked about Diwali bash of the season!


Make Diwali all about cheerful lights, pretty candles, exquisite rangolis, good food and quality family time! After all, in this extremely fast paced world, a festival is more an excuse for slowing down and gathering all your loved ones together rather than anything else.

Tell us how you are celebrating your Diwali this year, in the comments section below. Team Style Aria wishes everyone a safe and prosperous Diwali!


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