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Instagrammer you’ll Instantly love- Arantza Cendejas

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When it comes to the present day enigma of social media, it is not about whether we do it or not but more about how well we do it! One can argue that these platforms are just about promoting and talking about “Me”, yet there are few who use the visibility to inspire and set a motivational example.

Style Aria is cheering Arantza Cendejas  -one of the famous faces on instagrams with a huge follower-ship. With her constant style inspiration and fashion photos, Arantza keeps her admirers asking for more. Be it travel or just a day out in the sun, this fashion femme knows how to work it. Instagram has taken connecting and socializing on a different level. The platform is more about delivering an experience without words.

We bring her feature interview, loaded with the fashionista’s style and tips for a great instagram throne she rightly reigns.


You surely come across as a traveler in style . Do you have a favorite city or place, that you would love to travel to?

I do try to travel as much as I can. One of my favorite places in the US that I have been is Colorado. Anything that has to do with mountains and hiking and outdoors is absolutely my favorite! However my DREAM place to visit in this world is Greece. I hope to fulfill that dream one day.

Your instagram selfies are beautiful and inspiring.IS there a makeup routine you follow before the pics? We would love to know some tips.

A lot of my pictures, just have my everyday natural look.Where it is nothing too heavy and I also don’t use “expensive make-up”. The only thing I do use are just drug store products. Some tips I would say do your make up how you feel comfortable. If its wearing no makeup, or wearing bright colors for your everyday look, then go for it! To me the definition of beauty is for a woman to feel comfortable in her skin. If it’s either looks then I say go for it. We are all different and have various looks, we just need to learn how to embrace each look and work it! I am working on developing a YouTube channel with makeup tutorials and fashion tips. Should keep an eye out, I will be launching it in the next few weeks.


 We love that most of your instagram pics are in a natural scene. How you choose your instagram backdrops?

I choose my background scenes based on the shoot that I want to do. For example if it’s a summer shoot I usually want to shoot in a place where there is a lot of “greens”. If it is a fall shoot, I love to shoot with trees and their colorful. If it’s just a casual look then any nature background would look great. I do drive around Houston to find spots.

Which category of Instagrams would you say has the most comments or follower-ship? why do you think that is?

I think that the category of Instagram that would have the most comments or fellowship are the pages that are unique and inspirational. I think that because those are the most powerful types of inspiration. People who are different and unique in their own ways. People who have an inspirational story and are wanting to make a change in this world.

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Who helps you take the captivating instagram pics when they aren’t selfies?

My younger sister is someone who has always helped me out through my whole life. She always takes my pictures and even gives me FANTASTIC ideas on fashion. She’s someone who is a great inspiration to me.

Your instagrams spotlights your flawless skin, any secrets you would like to share?

A secret I would like to share about my “spotlight flawless skin” is to ALWAYS see your lighting. Lighting can make a huge difference. Work the angle that does best to your skin.

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Your instagram follower-ship is ever increasing. What do you think attracts that kind of inspiration?

I think the type of inspiration I’m generating is that my page is simply who I am and being able to showcase my loves of this life. Whether its my cats, or makeup, or modeling I make sure it’s unique and unlike anything out there.

How much behind-the -scene work goes into your images on instagram?

Actually a lot of work does happen behind scenes on my Instagram pictures. When I do a shoot I take about 500 images and having to find a good one takes FOREVER! and then from there I ask for advice to my friends and family which one looks better and so on.

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Any latest fashion trend/ style you are following?

Not at this moment

What photo editing apps would you recommend for instagram pics?

A great app that I do use a lot if called “BeFunky” and another I do love to use is “PhotoCandy.” Two of my all time favorites.
Any exciting projects that you’re looking forward to this year ?

A huge project I am working on is launching my YouTube channel in the next few weeks. To give both fashion advice and makeup tutorials. I hope to launch it by the end of this year.


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