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4 Ways To Scarf Your Look This Fall

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With fall and winter fast approaching, the must “keep on person” item is the very diverse “SCARF”. A must have that ever goes out of style. Whether you choose the likeness of chunky knits, cozy wool or sleek silk, one thing is for certain – one will never suffice! This fall season, take a break from the usual way you wear your wrap and try out a new scarf style, go with us on this!

Long and Belted

An instant style turner this look is easy to wear and effortlessly transcends any ensemble to quick chic, the long and belted look complements every pair of fall attires. Simply drape your scarf around your neck, tucking the ends underneath a belt cinched at the waist. Not only will this scarf style flatter your figure, it will also keep your wrap precious from being “Gone with the wind”.



Draped Over Your Shoulders

When temperatures start falling below comfort, an over sized scarf is essential. By draping a scarf over your shoulders, you can stay toasty yet stylish. In order to create this look, place your scarf over both shoulders, ensuring the material is completely unfolded. Taking one of the corners, tuck it behind the opposite shoulder, securing it underneath the scarf. Then, take the remaining corner up and over your other shoulder, fastening it behind your neck. This cozy scarf style is now complete! You are now ready to brave the weather and take on the streets in style.

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Tied in a Bow

Turn your scarf into a bow, for this ultra-feminine look. For chunky knit scarves, an over sized bow is best, while silk or chiffon is the ideal material for a smaller, dainty bow. Drape your scarf around your neck, leaving one side longer . Then, make a loop with the longer side, pinching the loop in the middle to create a bow shape. Whether you combine it with a sweater dress or pants, this scarf style adds a touch of romance and stylish charm to any outfit.

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As a Head Wrap

Let’s take this inspiration from vintage movies and grandmoms, giving it our spin of flavor and fashion. An easy style to achieve, this look can transition into full glam mode when paired with oversized sunglasses. The head wrap keeps you a warm cover for those below freezing days, when you need the sweet warmth of fashion.


So which of the scarf looks do you see yourself wearing. Tell us in the comments below.




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