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Fashion Blogger we are happily stalking- Lucrezia Trinca

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Do you know the No. 1 rule of fashion? Always wear what you want to wear! Many a times, Style Aria stops to commend those, who not only live by the very motto, but even aspire and inspire.

Fashion in every sense has to reflect who you are, what you feel in the moment and where you are going. It doesn’t have to bright, doesn’t have to be loud-It just has to be “YOU”, believes our featured blogger, Lucrezia Trinca- creator of an inspirational style blog ” The Fashionbox”. Born and raised in the couture country of the world, Lucrezia hails her style roots from the magical city of Milan. From Browsing magazines as a kid to learning the knowledge behind it, Lucrezia has made her mark and follower ship in her favorite craft. She even quotes Fashion as being a universal language and an exemplary work of art, that takes you in and beyond thinking horizons.



We reached out the frequent instagrammer, who keeps her fans around the world updated and inspired with her stylish ensembles, travel diaries and food enigmas, for a quick chat about her fashion inhalation and story behind the blog.

If Lucrezia captured your style instincts like us, there are a numerous ways to keep up:


INSTAGRAM ID: lucreziatrinca

TWITTER:  LucreziaTrinca

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: Lucrezia Trinca


What inspired you to create your own blog, could you give your own words to it?

I always had such a great passion for fashion, especially for style. You know, everyone has their own personal and individual style; preppy, radical, gypsy or pure fashion victims. I love to mix different styles and a create something truly unique and new, at least it’s what I’m trying to do. I’d like to propose the idea that something will always be considered the next season trend, while they still don’t know it! So basically the blog inspiration came from within me and myself, followed by every pretty thing that surrounds me.

What style icon inspires your fashion taste and flair?

Talking about the past I love that incredible genius mind of Diana Vreeland, she invented almost everything about fashion, she was the greatest style icon I’ve ever known ! Then Jane Birkin, with her simple elegance was my favorite between all! But I also love Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Brigitte Bardot!




A must have wardrobe item, that is more like your signature wear?

An item every girl should definitely have in her closet is a pair of elegant wide black trousers, they are perfect for every kind of body shape, and they pair great from morning ( with some sneakers or a t’shirt) to the night, with heels, blazers and top!

What’s the best comment you’ve received on your blog?

Every day,  I receive many messages from my followers, they leave many comments, sometimes positive and sometimes negative;  I actually don’t know which was the best one yet, they were all appreciated, even the criticisms sometimes! But I always feel really pleased and gratified when they ask me advice about style and trends!

How do you keep it up creatively?

Creativity for me, comes from everywhere- you don’t need to seek it, it just comes to you!

You can get inspired by reading, travelling, watching movies, browsing on internet or simply by walking around! This is exactly what I do!


DSC_0032 Lucrezia_Trinca_060013

Any post/posts that had an unexpected response? good or bad?

Every time I post something on the blog or on social medias my final purpose is always to inspire people and in turn make them curious, so bad or good the important is to make people talk about it, usually the responses are pretty good, but sometimes I have my share of bad responses. They are mainly focused on my thin physique , or sometimes about my poses in some pictures, I love what I do and do it with my heart-you know, you can’t make everybody like you!


tumblr_nn79kfnAgM1u39bfgo9_1280 TheFashionBox_Lucrezia_Trinca_0002


What aspect of fashion excites you the most?

Fashion is exciting itself, there’s no business industry like the fashion one! I truly love the creativity, the passion and the art that you can find in the fashion world, but what excites me the most is the strategy of the different brands, behind a white basic t-shirt, there’s much more: STRATEGY, STRATEGY, STRATEGY!

Who takes majority of the pictures that feature on your blog?

It depends, behind my pictures there are my friends or even my mom, I like to make people I love, part of this project and journey.


tfb_05Lucrezia_Trinca DSC_0234017

What would you favorite fashion piece be at the moment ?

I have a strange thing with PVC, this winter it will be one of the greatest trend for sure! So the piece, I’m totally in love with is a pair of over knee boots, from Dior, which are made of pvc, they are amazing!!




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