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Embracing the Jewel Fusion

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Mix Match and off beat fashion has become an escape route for some quickly whipped up style statement. Not every dress is dramatic, yet with just some jewelry additions adding a modern drama to any dress has become the norm with designers embracing this trend flawlessly.

 Neckpieces :

Conventional jewelry paired with a vibrant gown or evening dress brings the best of both worlds. This is a creative blend of styles of any two or more cultures. Silhouettes basically from Western influence, are blended with Indian gems and accessory styling. Women’s wear as the area of primary focus is facilitating much exploration. A simple gown gets a ravishing look with the added element of a statement necklace.

Caption1 (2)

Purple Fusion Sheath by Hervé Léger paired with an exquisite neck piece.

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IMG spring fashion 2015-16 showcased a stunning fusion necklace

Stylized Head ancillaries: 

A high neck evening wear, can be dolled up with an embellished head wear. The trend offers umpteen choices for fashion savvy shoppers who are ready to experiment with variations in styles.Choose from Greek inspired to Bohemian chic to amp up any look.

CAption4 (2)

Versace headbands paired with goddess dresses

Caption 5 (2)

 Dolce and Gabbana alta moda headpiece on runway 2015



The most versatile of all, not only because they lend an effortless panache, but also make the wearer stand out in the crowd. Designers everywhere are experimenting and taking inspirational looks from the East and West to create novel attires and looks.

Caption7 (2)

  Zareena spring summer 2015 emphasized stunning statement earrings. 

Caption6 (2)

 A model displays the stunner earrings at D&G 2015 runway


 Holly Fulton Fall 2015 teamed dainty craftsmanship in jewelry and modish silhouette.


What is your favorite fusion jewelry piece. Tell us in the comments below.

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