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Latest Tress trend: Low Ponytail

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If someone was to ask you what your favorite beauty asset is ? The most poll answer would be HAIR, whether we asked a man or any girl on the planet. Braid it, style it or downright chop it off, there are a million ways to rock an style it. Just like fashion, hair trends come and go-the easy to do and maintain, slowly venture into a trend. The hottest trend right now is the Low Ponytail.


We’ve seen every possible style around the global runway, from messed up hair, to sleek tight backs; from tight high to right out of the bed look- ponytails are the little black dress of hair fashion. The global runway platform has witnessed everything from loose and messy to slicked back and sleek, recently the low pony “reined” supreme. Whether swept to the side or hanging down the middle of the back, designers such as Michael Kors and Dior charged their cool looks with tied back tresses. The best thing about Low ponytails is that despite of being chic and sophisticated, the look is surprisingly simple to replicate in the comfort of your own home – no salon needed! Suitable for any type of hair, this trend works with almost every cut, making it an instant classic. So a style with a save! Who wouldn’t love that?


The messy and loose look although easy to pull, exhibits a relaxed overall feel. With tendrils of hair framing the face, the loose low ponytail is effortlessly beautiful. You don’t need pin straight hair for this style, this style can become your favorite go-to., even if you have naturally wavy or curly hair.

A tip you would find hard to believe- The best way to rock this look is in unwashed hair– you want it to have a little texture without being greasy. If you have naturally straight hair, create loose waves with a large barrel curling iron. Skip the hairbrush for this look, instead using your fingers to comb through hair for a loose, pieced effect. Then, gently sweep back hair at the nape of the neck, securing with a hair tie or elastic.

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The low level of this ponytail makes it applicable to everything from out on the town to the most glamorous of events. Wear as-is for a simple take on elegance, or dress it up with an intricate design or eye-catching embellishment, such as a metallic hair tie-the choice is yours!

Using hair wraps gives it an edgier look and makes your look even more polished than using a regular scrunchy. Depending on your ensemble, you can decide to to part your hair in the middle or on the side (this will create a low side pony). So, try this evolving look for your next office party or family occasion, looking effortlessly chic. Even with the simple let low look, there are many ways to intertwine your personality and make it fun.


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If you are wondering how to wear your hair for this look.. here’s an easy tutorial


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