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Honoring the longest reign of HER MAJESTY.

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The world today glorifies the one who is not afraid to fail and rather takes it as stepping stones towards success. One of the biggest examples of such valor is Queen Elizabeth. Monarchy in its absolute sense is all about hierarchy and a line up to the prestigious throne. The most prominent faces of the British throne has been Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. The much adored monarch Queen Elizabeth , ascended and ruled the throne at age 25 as her worn-out country struggled to recover from the ravages of World War Two, marks a major milestone in the royal history by being the Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

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At age 89 this day, Queen Elizabeth will surpass the 63 years, 7 months, 2 days that her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria spent on the throne. In all of her years, reigning the throne, Her Majesty has succeeded in displaying the utmost composure and stability in a world that was ever so changing and full of turmoil, dedicating her selfless service and duty. She not only earned accolades in Britain, but her laurels were omnipresent around the globe. The world, sees this day as an extraordinary celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s royal record.

In actual turn of events, Queen Elizabeth II was not supposed to be Britain’s monarch. She took the throne in 1952 because her uncle Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson. Not only has Queen Elizabeth reigned as the longest but according to a recent poll, Britons also think she is the country’s greatest monarch, ahead of her Tudor namesake Elizabeth I and Victoria, who was queen for much of the 19th century when Britain built up its empire.


The Queen although reluctant to observe the day a something special, fell under the public pressure of rejoicing it. Queen Elizabeth along with her husband Prince Philip, who has been at her side throughout her reign, will take a journey on a steam locomotive to mark the opening the longest domestic railway to be built in Britain for more than 100 years.te

Here’s a quick look at the Queens reign till date


Social Media has become a huge platform around the globe. It showed its honor for the Queen by pouring in congratulatory remarks for the Queen, big names from all walks of life took to media stage to send the longest reigning queen , their utmost wishes.Here are few of the prominent tributes sent to the Queen.





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