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Our list of Must shop Quirky Brands in India

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With a charismatic history of art and tradition, India has some serious ingenuity and artifice hidden in its roots. There are many unearthed treasures and uses of its culture, that still need full exposure. Some quirky brands are riding the ingenious wagon to make their mark with a series of fun and conversation pieces, ranging from textiles, jewelry to earthen pots and home goods.

With intriguing brand names and an entertaining work culture, these names are surely bringing something totally new to the table. The big brand names are being run over with new start-ups that boast being funky and organic. Quirky and unconventional, the new upcoming names are truly off-beat and that’s what we love about them. Shopping in an actual retail store is an experience quite different than online, but these companies are enhancing India’s e-commerce leaps and bounds.

Handmade books to customized shoes and accessories, they feature it all. And that’s all for the love of art and design!


BewakoofIf you wear your attitude on your sleeve, this brand is for you. An online T Shirt Shop to buy Slogan and Quotes T-shirts.


Chumbak Born out of love for India and its intriguing travel, Chumbak started with fun magnets and became a lot more than just fridge magnets including key chains, T Shirts, bags, pens, books and various other stuff. A pop of funk and colors everywhere.



 Happily Unmarried: As unique as the name sounds. The brand establishes a quirky lifestyle brand that makes fun products. They’ve been well known to organize and add their twist to music festivals and corporate events.


Heads Up For TailsYour little crawlers need some funk, so look no more. A pet boutique for luxury pet accessories based in India.



 KaagaziAdding a spunky element to all things paper, Kaagazi’s hand bound collection of creative notebooks, sketchbooks and journals is the first of its kind.



  MORA by Ritika: In Hindi,  Mora translates into “Mine” – an organic extension of its Founder Designer Ritika Mittal’s initiative to revive the withering handloom tradition of Indian textiles, among the world’s finest market.



Saundhi MittiJust as fragrant as the name sounds, Saundhi Mitti brings together some of India’s best studio potters and the end consumer, who remains our ultimate muse. It doesn’t get any more Indian.



MoodSwings Jewelry by BenaazirWomen and their mood swings, right? Here’s a brand giving their side of the story to it, MoodSwings is handmade for real women – someone who has her own mind, rebellious, independent, who has a sense of style and individuality.


Neha Sahai:If you’re looking for fashion statements and accessories that portray a fabulous mix of the contemporary and the classical styles, with a generous display  of eccentricity that one just can’t miss-this should be your go to brand.



Shor SharabaJust when life couldn’t get any more crazy, the company Offers ingenious, quirky lifestyle goods! The brand earns laurels for its Pop and Kitsch Products.


pillow_talk_1 (1)

 Kya Cheez HainThe best products depicting value for money – fun,durable,tasteful and original! They make ideal gifts for any occasion for anybody and everybody, be its kids or grown-ups.



 Bechain Nagri Bechain Nagri is the business of designing quirky stationery, giving these house hold drawer fillers the long awaited update. Started by a bunch of students and fresh graduates from different institutes across India who decided it was time we started paying our own electricity bills!.

pure ghee

Pure Ghee DesignsIt’s not just the name that’s organic!. Pure Ghee Designs offers handmade bags made from unusual fabrics, distinguished by their craftsmanship and design.

Any favorite brads from our list? Any quirky brands we missed ? Lets u s know in the comments below.

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