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Style Aria’s fashion parley with Miss Switzerland 2014 contestant, Mirjana Zuber Vasovic!

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder-we have come across this saying, several times in our life. But do we ponder what actually this “Beauty” signifies or stands for ? It’s not just about having a pretty face, but about having a pretty mind , an empathetic heart and most importantly a beautiful soul. The face we feature today comes out of the perfect mold of inspirational beauty from both face and mind- Mirjana Zuber Vasovic, Miss Switzerland contestant 2014.

Believing in the mantra, that ever person is unique and should not shy away from shining. Miss Mirjana succeeds to impress everyone around her with her confident stature and poise. Beauty pageants are a platform for the world to see, that pulchritude is subjective and taking part in the not so easy title race is more about just beauty. It’s about the service to the community, emerging as a role model, uncovering you love for the city and more so, respecting the effort you are putting in. Whenever you gain a platform that brings the spotlight on you, everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

We undertook to collaborate with the gorgeous Miss Mirjana as she truly represents the essence of Style Aria- An undying love for fashion, that not only emerges but inspires. We bring to you some candid questions with her, to get a slight peek into her journey from the stage to millions of hearts and girls everywhere that look up to her.

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First of all, Congratulations on your wedding!! Has life changed for you at all post marriage?

Thank you so much! Actually, life has not changed that much. We have been together since 2008 and it was (high) time for us to take the next step. ;-)

I still have to come to terms with calling him ” my husband” and not “my boyfriend”. I think after 7 years it is hard for me to change that so quickly. But I am getting there.

How did you decide that you wanted to take your husbands’ surname? Is there a special significance behind it?

For me it was out of question to keep my old name. Every woman has to decide for herself if she feels good about accepting her husband’s name.
I wanted to keep it the traditional way, that’s why I accepted his name. I think Mirjana Zuber sounds good, don’t you think so? ;-)

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Who, would you say influences your fashion decisions and style statement ?

Who influences me today, are girls from different walks that effortlessly mix things together and are able to make it creative and fun.
To keep up, I follow some fashion pages on Instagram, which inspire me with some new ideas how to put some great looks together. So, I take the inspiration and give it my own twist of style and personality. It is very important to keep a little bit of “You” in every ensemble.
The Kardashian-Sisters are the one I am following the most. Every Kardashian Sister has something that provokes me to try out. Growing up, I used to be very very shy and I never wanted to attract people’s attention with my styling. For this reason, I dressed in a  very unremarkable fashion – wearing only a jeans and a simple t-shirt. Even a red bag at times, was too much for me as I thought that everyone would stare at me. Gradually, I started feeling more and more comfortable about myself. That includes my way of thinking and my body. I started to try out some new things. Today I am a totally different person. I love to be overdressed and I can handle the attention because I have grown so much. Today, I don’t care what others do or think about me, I just focus on myself.
Even The Kardashian’s have to take a stick over some comments. But they are the living proof that they feel comfortable and they will continue to ignore peoples’ opinion and written word , even if it is against them.

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For a platform like Miss Switzerland 2014, a lot goes into the preparation, what was the hardest thing you had to do ?

Competing for Miss Switzerland was a challenge for me. I had to learn how to give interviews and how to speak in public. We had no media training, therefore everything was “learning by doing”. I learned so much about myself and it also helped me to see where my strengths and weakness are. I learned to put the “one million dollar smile“ – I call this smile, the one you have to put on your face even when you don’t feel like to smile.
Apart from that, looking back the hardest thing was the preparation for the final show. We were practicing for the show from 8 am until 6pm, mostly in high heels. I remember it being the hardest week in my life. I felt exhausted and my feet were swollen like balloons. Today I know where my limits are.


How did the Miss Switzerland 2014 Pageant impact your life and fashion style?

After and during the competition a lot of girls contacted me through Facebook and Instagram, they wanted to hear from me about getting in shape and places I buy my clothes from.
During the competition we had to wear the clothes given from our sponsors. After the competition, I was free to wear whatever I wanted. That was actually the time I got the most messages from girls wanting to know more about my style inspirations.

They noticed my style and asked me about my outfits. That gave me the idea, to post daily outfits and to inspire other girls. Some outfits might be very eye-catching but that is just what I like. The best outfit is still your confidence. It sounds wired but that is the most important step to shine from the inside to the outside.

Last year I was a big supporter of my sister Jelena Vasovic and her company “Body&Mind” by Jelena Vasovic“ ( she gave her best to get me in shape for the finals. I always mentioned that I live very healthy and that I take care about my body. So I decided to share my experience and to help as much as I can. I connected my fashion with a healthy lifestyle. I got a lot of inquires for bikini&fashion shootings, it proved that I was representing myself in the right way. That is the direction I always wanted to go.

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Is there a fashion trend you swear by-The must have wardrobe essential for you?

My wardrobe essentials are my clutches and bags. I can pimp every “BORING” outfit with my colorful bags. My must haves are skinny ripped jeans and a black leather jacket.

Where do you see the fashion industry heading?

I think the fashion industry will always change and evolve. What the masses of people wear today is the “now”, but we will have to wait and see what the future brings.
It always depends what the masses like to wear. There are maybe a few who like to follow a trend but the big masses don’t like it.

Is there a look from your contest that you absolutely love and would wear it again?

As we had a sponsor for our clothes we could never feel free to mix our own pieces with the clothes given. So, I could never really see myself in the outfits. I prefer my style now.

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According to you, what constitutes true beauty?

This is not an easy thing to explain, yet I want to give it a try-

Everything starts in your head. Your thinking and opinion about yourself is very important. If you are thinking you are beautiful or not – both is right. When you start learning to control your mind and always think positive about yourself, you start feeling very good about your body and personality and just everything around you falls in place. What I want to say, is that beauty really comes from the inside not only with having a good heart and so on… it is really a question of your thinking.

You need to ask questions like- What do you think about yourself? Why are you comparing yourself to the other girls? . You will truly shine if you have a lot of confidence and love for yourself. I never understood these words until I started to practice that every day!

Every morning I used to stand naked in front of a mirror and say to myself “You are beautiful just the way you are. You are so powerful and magical. I love you!”. It might sound very weird but this is a crucial step in learning to love yourself.


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Is there a regimen you follow, for looking ever so radiant?

Motivational and positive soliloquize! Motivating yourself with positive words helps you to feel good about yourself and to achieve your goals.

For future contestants-what advice would you want to give?

If you want to compete and be in the spotlight, I recommend you to feel absolutely good about yourself. If you are a quiet, shy or sensitive person, you probably won’t survive. You need to be strong enough not to take care about other people’s opinion and even be prepared to receive negatives.  Even if you have a pure heart and you only wish the best to everyone, there will be this bad person talking really mean about you. You can’t satisfy everyone. Be faithful to yourself and follow your heart.

A lifestyle quote, you live by would be ?

“Remember to remember” – (my tattoo on my left hand)
Every time I have a bad thought I remind myself to think positive. What you feel now, is what you are going to attract. This is the philosophy I am living by.

Any words for Style Aria readers?

Be positive, try out some new things, be confident, but after all have fun and get a colorful bag!


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