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Which Gossip Girl Are You – Blair, Serena or Jenny?

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It has been almost three years since we last heard the phrase, “You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl!” But this show (which is, without question, the most fashionable of our time since Sex and The City) never fails to get us excited. Years later, Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey remain popular style inspirations and icons – the standards by which we still measure our own style sensibilities. Read on to find out which Gossip Girl’s style you most identify with!

Blair Waldorf – Iconic style moments dominated the Upper East Side, but it was Blair Waldorf, played by the stunning Leighton Meester, who was always one step ahead of the style pack. Blair was a classic beauty with a royally bold disposition, and her polished style translated into the masterful portrayal that captured the hearts of tastemakers around the globe. From the launch of cult-like trends — one word: headbands — to the crème de la crème of designer duds, it was Queen Bee who reigned supreme. Her style was uniquely preppy, always on point with the “primness” of it all. To our beloved B, wearing sweats anywhere outside of the gym was strictly unacceptable. Her love of vintage inspired coats, scarves and headbands is something legendary. If uber girly silhouettes, chic colorful prints, ladylike pantyhose and headbands are your style, then look to Queen B for fashion inspiration.

Though the luxe Gryphon caplet, brocade Alice + Olivia skirt, and moody Miu Miu Mary Janes are exquisite on their own, the Ann-Marie Faulkner beret really seals the Parisian-chic deal.

Though the luxe Gryphon caplet, brocade Alice + Olivia skirt, and moody Miu Miu Mary Janes are exquisite on their own, the Ann-Marie Faulkner beret really seals the Parisian-chic deal.





Serena van der Woodsen – If Blair was all about playing by fashion rules, Serena was all about breaking them. She threw caution to the winds and paired together the craziest outfits. It’s true that her designer-meets-bohemian-meets-preppy style that had us talking (and shopping) after every episode. Serena’s style was so perfect, with just the right amount of quirky edge, that it still gives us butterflies. Serena fearlessly wore 5 different kinds of prints together, or even donned gold blazers for day wear! If you love glamorous sequinned clothes, high boots, crazy prints and edgy cuts, and if you believe in making a basic jeans and tee outfit stylish by adding some choice accessories, your style BFF is clearly Serena!

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Jenny Humphrey – From sweet little freshman to edgy goth designer, to Constance Queen Bee, Jenny’s transformation was the most dramatic of any character. Our sweet little Jenny started off at Constance as Blair’s most willing minion. Desperate to be popular (and usurp the throne), she pretty much dressed exactly like Blair, but with a more girlish twist. Once Jenny realized she didn’t need to impress Blair to prove her worth, things started to get… interesting. Colors got darker and hemlines got higher. Upper East Side Jenny’s style was what we call “Barbie Goth”.  With Blair’s blessing, Queen J began her reign of terror as Queen of Constance, and rarely wore pants in the process. If “seriously edgy” is how you describe your style, if fishnet stockings, black and rocker girl chic is your thing, then look no further than Jenny Humphrey for inspiration.

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Tell us in the comments below – which Gossip Girl is your ultimate style guru!


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