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If you believe in the saying, “Beauty is what’s on the inside”-we have some news for you. There’s definitely more to that saying. With beauty counters looking ever more so attractive and in likely hood of a candy store. You can definitely feel the pull of marketing teams behind beauty brands today. What commenced as sweet-scented lotions at Bath & Body Works has transformed into pumpkin-spice exfoliators, licorice serums and crème brûlée body washes to stock a French patisserie.


The current beauty industry is going even further and beyond, creating and marketing what it calls “food based” products like coconut shampoo, grapefruit body scrub, mushroom anti-aging cream, pomegranate-pigmented lipstick and cucumber eye-makeup remover. The list and food items-so to speak-are endless. It’s no longer about the food you eat, but the food you are applying that effects your overall natural beauty. From organic ingredients to all natural scents, the brands and customers are embracing this fresh trend whole heartedly. Using food-grade ingredients circumvents potential consumer skepticism about a product’s naturalness, enabling manufacturers to take advantage of the known health and beauty benefits of fruits and vegetables.




The use of cocoa and sugar in products has been observed for centuries. The cocoa pod has around 800 complex molecules, out of which 30 are beneficial for the skin. The upcoming trends of food based cosmetics include rice, marula oil for scalp care. In a way, food has gloatingly made its way from tables to bathroom shelves. With products like Jessica Simpson’s Dessert, which aims at the young, fun set with “lickable, kissable” shampoos, moisturizers and lip glosses. Today’s edible offerings, however, are not designed to be shared and instead tap into one of the most powerful trends in cosmetics and toiletries: the demand for non-synthetic beauty ingredients. Food-based brands are readily targeting consumers with special dietary requirements. Besides the prevalent vegetarian formulations, there is also scope for developing halal or kosher products or ones entirely based on organic ingredients. They can also benefit from consumer fads for exotic “super foods”, such as antioxidant-rich pomegranates. Whatever your taste buds are craving, can easily be delivered in your daily beauty regimen.




So, food-based or newly termed Nutri-cosmetics are on the rise, taking a major part in growing the cosmetic industry. This trend will eventually lead to the popularity of products like, organic chocolate, hemp and extracted exotic plants and fruits in our cosmetic bag.

Edible cosmetics are appearing at a time when homemade beauty remedies are growing in popularity as a natural and cost-effective alternative to expensive, synthetic cosmetics. Although, the segment does not offer the equivalent cost efficiency, food-based beauty brands do have the advantage of convenience and a longer shelf-life.

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