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Awesome things you didn’t know Siri could do!

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In our present world of iphones, gadgets and intelligent devices, technology has become surprisingly sophisticated. One of the most impressive of all features prevalent today is voice command. Forget the days of using your hands across the screen, most phones now can obey your voice box SO AS TO SPEAK ! The Apple command platform is more than common today, yet many remain oblivious to some of Siri’s magnificent features and techniques.

Luckily we will break down these key areas for you to play with and master the incredible things Siri can do for you.

Raise To Speak

If you like everyone else, activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button on the iPhone, you’re doing it WRONG!!. Instead of bothering with the button, you can now put your iPhone to your ear and Siri is automatically activated. Visit Settings>General Settings>Siri, then slide the Raise to Speak button to the on position. To make things easier, this feature is deactivated when you’re in a call.

Post To Twitter Or Facebook

We very well realize, our lives pivot around social media. So how can Siri help? Here’s how- Siri can post for you to social media accounts. Meet your social expectations by simply saying “Post to [Twitter or Facebook]. Siri then asks what you’d like to say. Dictate your post, then send when Siri confirms your message. Although, so far Twitter and Facebook are the only forums Siri recognizes, but she’s getting informed and will be able to do much more soon.


Siri Can Do Math

Siri is surprisingly effective with complex problems and general math equations as well. Ask Siri to solve your numeric problems by saying “What is [math question]”. Use this feature to calculate tip at your favorite restaurant, or just sharpen your brain skills, using ” WolframAlpha”, Siri can do quick decisions on the go. Simply ask Siri to roll a dice or flip a coin for an instant result. That’s some serious skill!


Location Based Reminders

Using Siri just for appointments and questions is not using that artificial brain to the max. You can use Siri to set reminders based on where you are. Location based reminders mean you’re never too busy to stay on task. Here’ how-Make sure Location Services are enabled for Reminders under Settings>Privacy>Location Services. Then, add the locations you need to your contacts. Tell Siri “[Contact] is my home”. Repeat for work, school or any other frequent location. Now Siri can do reminders for when you leave or arrive somewhere. For example, tell Siri “Remind me to call John when I leave work” to have the reminder go off when you’re done with your day. Who needs a secretary now?

Remember Relationships

If you’re a popular person, you most likely have tons of relations and friends. Connect with them promptly by storing and commanding Siri to remember the relation for you. Never dictate the full name again- Under Settings>General Settings>Siri, make sure your contact information is entered. For example “Pete Morris is my dad”, or “Jane Sommers is my boss”. Siri will ask you if you want the relationship saved – select yes. In the future, you can ask Siri to contact your wife, mother, friend or boss without using their name

Check Dates

Along with being a math and conversion whiz, Siri is a master of dates and holidays. Ask Siri when a holiday happens for a quick answer that includes the day of the week. You can also ask how many days until a certain date, if you don’t like the conventional counting on your fingers method.


Find Airplanes Above You

This one’s a real fun keeper-Easily check the status of a flight by asking Siri and including the flight number. However, another fun thing Siri can do is give information on planes above you right at the moment. Fun activity with kids, simply ask what flights are above you right now to see a complete list of visible planes. Siri gives the flight numbers as well, if you’d like to find out where these flights are headed. How cool ?


So go ahead, make your life easier by exploring the Siri world virtually!.

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