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15 Makeup Myths Busted!

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Your mom, friend or beautician might have given you beauty advice years ago that’s ingrained in your memory still, from never plucking grey hair to changing your shampoo every so often. To combat the ever-growing conflicting advice out there, we’ve compiled top makeup tips to debunk some myths. These truths might change your face…

1. Moisturizer will make your face and makeup oily.

The truth is the ultimate finish of your makeup has more to do with the hydration your skin receives than your foundation and/or concealer! use an oil-free moisturizer before putting on makeup and discover how smoothly your foundation will glide over and blend into skin. powder down your T-zone after so the rest of your face still maintains a dewy realistic texture.


2. Primers are not required if you’ve moisturized your skin and applied your foundation evenly.

Primers help foundation stay in place longer, fill into fine lines, minimize the appearance of pores and prevent the skin from absorbing pigment. As we age, primers become even more necessary. Primer should be applied after moisturizing and before applying foundation.

3. Makeup causes spot breakouts.

It’s actually your hygiene that causes this. Think about how many times you clean your brushes? How many times do you change your pillow cases? Be honest… how many times do you fall asleep with your makeup on? We can totally vouch for this truth and have noticed a huge difference with our skin!

4. Your under-eye concealer should match your foundation.

When choosing a concealer this can be a completely different color to what you’d use on the rest of your face. You need a concealer with a peach undertone as this will erase any blue undertones you may have under your eye area.


5. You need concealer and then foundation to look flawless.

Nothing can make anyone look flawless because we don’t walk around with Photoshop and perfect lighting/cameras! Also, foundations and concealers come in a variety of textures and coverage. What this means is that foundation by itself can suffice to conceal dark circles and smoothen skin tone, without the use of concealer. Use concealers only if necessary.

6. Wearing makeup on a daily basis is bad for the skin.

While make-up isn’t necessarily good for the skin, wearing it every day isn’t bad for the skin. The real issue is not washing the make-up off properly before going to sleep. Sleeping with make-up can be irritating to the skin and means you’re not removing the build-up of dead skin cells and debris which can clog the pores.

7. Everyone cannot carry off a red lipstick.

This is so not true! We feel that anyone can rock a red lipstick; you just need to find the right red that suits your skin tone. Reds with a blue undertone tend to be universally flattering. When choosing a red lipstick, it’s very important to try the color on your lips (of course after they are sanitized) and never go by how the color looks in the bullet. There are tons of brands out there that make red lipsticks, you are guaranteed to find your perfect shade, you just need to have some patience and keep the hunt going.


8. Powders will prevent oily skin.

Us oily skin ladies will have tried everything including piling on tons of translucent powder to keep that shine away, but have you noticed that it’ll find its way back within a few hours? Try a primer. We weren’t too keen on these as the thought of adding yet another cream with our moisturizer was a bit terrifying, but actually, it works much better than the powder.

9. Glossy lips look passé. 

When you pair it with healthy, polished skin. A glossy lip finish will complement a radiant complexion and make you look fresh rather than over-done.


10. Pick a foundation two shades lighter than your skin to appear fairer.

Ethnically, most Indians are born brown – embrace this truth. No matter how fair you may be, when you stand next to a white person, you’re still going to look brown! Instead of working against this fact, work with it. How do you pick the right shade? Simple: with your finger, draw a line of foundation on your cheek/jaw area… If it disappears it’s the right shade. If you have to rub it in to disappear, it’s the wrong colour. You can however brighten your overall complexion by using bright-colored blusher and lipsticks!

11. Match your foundation to your forehead, cheek, neck or hand.

Finding the perfect foundation color is the toughest task when it comes to makeup products, especially if you don’t know what color you’re supposed to match it to. If you place your hand besides your face in front of a mirror, you will notice that your hand is a tad bit darker than your face. That’s because your hands get exposed to a lot more UV light and a lot less exfoliation than your face. Also due to stress, weather conditions and sun exposure, the skin on your face will be a different color than the rest of your body. Always test stripes of foundation on the jawline in natural light.

12. Expensive makeup products are better than high street brands.

This has been tried and tested by us multiple times in the past and while there are definitely some great high end products, most of our staple makeup pieces are from regular brands that have served us well. Just because something costs more, do not assume that the product is of a better quality – it’s all about what works for your skin.

13. Thinking your fingers are your best tools.

By applying foundation with fingers, you run the risk of losing the control of your coverage, either removing too much of the texture or adding to much. Finger application will also waste three times more foundation than any application with a foundation brush.

14. Blusher should be applied in the hollows of the cheeks when you make a fish-face.

Only if you prefer looking like a hollow fish! Blusher does it’s job best when you smile with all your heart, and apply it to the bulgy apples of your cheek, and blend it very gently into your hairline.


15. ‘Cutting’ or contouring is necessary.

Completely false. If you already have string bone structure, you do not need to contour at all. If you have a sharp/big nose, don’t contour it. To contour is to add shade and define shape. Under the cheekbones is the perfect place to catch some shade. If your want to, shade the perimeter of your entire face with a warm bronzer to define shape.

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