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Fashion Trend Alert- DISTRESSED JEANS!!

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Giorgio Armani says, “Jeans represent democracy in fashion”. We couldn’t agree more.

Accept it! We love our denims. It fits well, comes in various washes -classic and on trend, and stands the test of time in both quality and silhouette.  As much as we love the integrity of our jeans, we decided we wanted to distress a pair for a quick “I’ve owned these jeans for so long and you can tell from a mile away” statement.  Although, ripped and distressed jeans are not a new concept, you can very well capture the same essence of panache and vogue with the worn out distressed ones.

runway jeans

There’s something special about rocking a white t-shirt with a distressed jeans, it effortlessly transcends the style without the use overpowering fashion. While we are at it, it’s not just only Jeans that’s reminiscent of good and comfortable times spent in them. If you think about it; there are two sections in society, when it comes to sporting the distressed look. The ones who flawlessly flaunt it and while others fail miserably on the ongoing debate of the distressed jeans stylishness.


Ripped jeans exude a certain flavor which, when teamed with a sexy court shoe and a neat jacket, screams “off-duty Paris Vogue editor”. Now that we agree, it’s safe to say, faultless jeans just look like they’re trying too hard–trying too hard to be trousers. You can certainly hold distressed jeans accountable for having an honesty and integrity about them, even if they have been carefully distressed so that every single pair in Zara, Levis, J.Crew around the world bears identical “wounds”.


Take a look at our usual distressed jean rockers from tinsel town around the world.

Distressed Jeans For Women1

Impressed much!! Want to give your dust attracting jeans a modern couture twist.? Here’s your guide to D.I.Y DISTRESSED JEANS

What you’ll need to do:
1. Start with the chalk, sketching out the shape you will want to be the most threadbare. We chose to keep these areas near where the knee would hit.
2. Sketch additional, smaller shapes that will also be distressed.
3. Put the piece of cardboard inside the pant leg you are starting with, making sure it is under wherever you’ll be making cuts.
4. Using the exact, make horizontal cuts about .25 inches apart (that stay within the boundaries of your large shape). The goal is to follow the horizontal lines of the white threads you see when you turn the jean inside out. You want to keep as many of the white threads intact as possible!DIY_130117_3
5. Make sure that all the horizontal cuts went completely through the fabric.
6. Start with one of the .25 strips and gently start separating the white threads out (be careful not to break them as you do this!). You’ll notice that as the white threads pull away you’re left with short blue threads.
7. Once all the .25 inch strips you cut are separated, you should be left with a nice threadbare patch.
8. For your smaller shapes, use the dremel (set it on a mid to high speed) in up and down, and side-to-side motions until the blue fabric gives way to the white threads beneath.
9.  Tada!  Repeat the steps on the other leg to make your jeans as distressed as you’d like them to be.

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