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Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2015

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Although the tech-scape has seen some phenomenal new gadgets in the past decade, 2015 is all set to introduce tech-buffs to a whole new world of gadgetry. With virtual reality becoming possible with some cool inventions and lifestyle gadgets rearing to steal the show, here is a list of most anticipated gadgets of 2015 –

1. Apple Watch: This is undoubtedly going to be the big reveal of the year. Tech-buffs are waiting for this phenomenal gadget for quite some time now. With customizable watch faces, fitness monitor, Apple Pay, iTunes, Apple TV and of course a time piece; this cool gadget is going to fly off the shelves.


2. Sony VR Headset (Project Morpheus): Virtual reality games are in for a state of the art makeover. Sony VR headset will give a dynamic experience to PS4 players.


3. Quantum Dot Technology LCD TVs by LG: This would be the next step in television viewing experience. The Quantum Dot Technology uses nano-crystals to create richer colours, making this TV a pioneer in its field. This high-end gadget may not be with-in reach of everyone but home viewing will definitely reach new levels of perfection with it.


4. Fitbit Charge HR: Health and lifestyle based gadgets are going to dominate the year 2015 but Fitbit Charge HR is definitely going to stand out. With an automatic heart monitor, activity, floors and sleep tracking; this gadget is going to upgrade any old fitness regime.


5. Oculus Rift: The ultimate competitor of Sony VR Headset, Oculus Rift has already been acquired by Facebook for a mega launch in 2015. With promising immersive gaming on the horizon with Oculus Rift, this gadget is going to bring about new social changes as well.


6. Ampy: A device that can convert your kinetic energy (energy generated by your body movements) into electrical energy for your USB device! Ampy is going to be a game changer in the portable chargers segment.


7. Navdy: A transparent navigation view on the windscreen is no longer a concept out of sci-fi movies. Navdy is going to revolutionize the way people navigate to new locations.


8. Jibo: It would be a far cry from the Bicentennial man, but Jibo is going to be the realistic version of world’s first family robot. It can take pictures, make videos and connect to your mobile device via Wi-fi. With high resolution cameras Jibo will be able to recognize faces and detect associated voices. This smart device will be ready for distribution in December 2015 and is already on the wish-list of many early adopters.


9. Smart Rear View Mirrors: Nissan and Cadillac are all set to release smart rear views in some of their car models which will provide enhanced visibility to drivers, under all weather conditions. This could be a highly utilitarian gadget for car enthusiasts.


10. NYMI Band: Finger prints, facial recognition and retina scans are so passé. In 2015, tech-lovers will unlock their phones, laptops, cars and even homes with their heartbeats. NYMI band will enable the wearer’s unique heartbeat to be used as an unlocking code.


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