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Movie review- Bajrangi Bhaijaan!

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Cast: Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Harshaali Malhotra

Director: Kabir Khan

Rating : 4/5


In India festivities are ringed, in a special way. If it’s not the hustle around that catches your interest, the constant trailer reel of an upcoming star studded movie will become your spoiler. This year Salman Khan has taken upon his mighty shoulders to give us, the viewers, a big reason to celebrate-His anticipated movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. Well, come to think of it, director Kabir khan knows the worthy template far too well. He ropes in the biggest Bollywood star to deal with the ever loved INDIA-PAKISTAN issue, can you see it getting any better?.

Let’s just assume the obvious fact that the movie has “blockbuster” slapped all over it. How ? you ask; for starters, the leading lady is magnificent, the locations are thrilling, the music score by Pritam is a good mix especially the song zindagi and the film’s marketing team worked relentlessly to come up with a never sought after marketing plan for the film- let’s release it on EID!!

Kabir Khan, director of Ek Tha Tiger has successfully created an engaging character in Bajrangi, where Salman Khan plays the protagonist Pawan Chaturvedi aka Bajrangi bhakt who is morality personified. He won’t cheat, won’t lie even if he’s bound to, and has a weird custom of bowing down in front of monkeys whom he, like many Indians considers avatars of Lord Hanuman – the list is endless. So when Shahida aka Munni (Harshaali Malhotra) who is voiceless, loses her way from Pakistan and ends up in India (Gadar flashback may we add ?), she takes rest and comfort in Pawan’s arms. Of course, the agreement isn’t mutual and the first half of the movie goes in Pawan trying to figure out who Munni is and what her place of birth is. Kareena Kapoor Khan plays Rasika, Salman’s love interest and the only character responsible of adding color and a ray of glamour in the whole movie.


The palette for rest of the film is extremely rugged and dry. The real film only starts post-interval, when the action, even some logic-defying stunts and scenes take you to Pakistan, with our trio on the run, with some fun-and-frolic, a quwaali-in-a-dargah, and a picturesque if rousingly unreal climax. Although the storyline reeks simplicity yet Bajrangi Bhaijaan‘s characters go through critical situations and roller coasters. Nawaz Siddiqui takes the cadence to another level in the second half by playing an awkward yet smart Pakistani TV reporter. With his addition to the story, things become quite intriguing and interesting. Even though the climax is self predictable and we know where Bajrangi’s story ends, it’s eventually the journey that matters and succeeds to draw you in with its charm.

A worthwhile mention goes out to , V. Vijayendra Prasad’s story that smartly mixes an emotional drama with a love story which is sort of exciting. His stories never boast of too many twists and turns, and that puts the spotlight back on its primary characters. The way the director introduces Nawazuddin Siddiqui, his understanding of mainstream commercial cinema will amaze you, the character pauses, hamming and high pitched dialogues… everything adds value to the character he plays. We will mention, Kabir Khan and Neelesh Misra’s script has its share of flaws and damages, making not only the movie but even the duo on a long, superfluous run. The dialogues are very well scripted and keep the humor aspect going and so we know, the writers walked on razor sharp edges, taking precautions not to hurt any religious sentiments, the one-liners in the movie bring out the deep-rooted contradictions of our society.

Needless to say, this film easily qualifies to be Salman Khan’s highly applauded performance till date, featuring his career’s best performance. The film wins you over completely even with the lack of any item number. Yeah, comes as a surprise; doesn’t it. So what’s our word? Don’t miss this emotional journey of Pavan and Munni as it will touch your heart. As for box office numbers, expect fire crackers at the box office on this Eid. So all in all, a not-to-be missed movie.

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