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Best Jewelry Trends For The Coming Fall

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We give you a lowdown on the latest jewelry trends for 2015. You can get your seasonal bauble and bling fix right here!

Yellow gold. There’s lots of evidence that the sunny metal will stay popular in later 2015. It’s the most complimentary accessory for all the 1970s inspired attire on spring runways, and there was lots of yellow gold at the major 2015 red carpets. To summarize — stock up!


Layering necklaces. The relaxed silhouettes of spring coupled with a bonanza of different necklines means that layering styles will be worthwhile additions to jewelry boxes. These pieces can be multi-strands or singles layered with others.

layered3 Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Layering-necklaces

Stacking rings. Fashion’s relaxed silhouettes call for casual accessories, including layered looks on the hand. These can have cabochons cuts of gemstones, pavé, tiny motifs, or simple metal-intense designs. Build a bigger look with lots of small, slim styles. Also, dainty  midi rings seem to be staying for the next couple of seasons too!

stacked-ring stacked-rings

1960s–1970s motifs. These will be bohemian — think owls, beads, feathers, and fringe — or stylized geometric forms like zigzags or circles. Runways for Spring 2015 and Pre-Fall lean heavily on these two decades for inspiration, so accessories should complement the clothes accordingly.


Metal-intense statement cuffs. Nothing makes a statement like a big old cuff bracelet. These chunky pieces pair well with the minimalist-inspired fashions still in the market, and the metal medium allows designers to get artful and creative with carved effects, textures, finishes, and volume.

Micah Gianneli_Jesse Maricic photographer_Controle Creatif_Glass

Ear climbers or cuffs. Comet-inspired styles that seemingly creep up the ear made a splash in many collections this year, and they’re not going anywhere in 2015. Climbers are often stud or stud-and-hook combination pieces that snake up the ear lobe, and shoppers young and old love them for their modern, edgy aesthetic.

Celebrities Attend Caulfield Cup Day

Vintage-inspired designs. There were so many baguette cuts this year in so many lines! Not to mention the Art Deco influences still going strong. In 2015, the old will surely continue to inspire the new — and new purchases. The beauty of the past is alive and well in present-day jewelry.


Purples, pinks, and reds. Pantone’s Color of the Year Marsala may not be so inspiring, but at least surrounding shades on the color wheel are pretty. Muddy-red Marsala could give way to softer pinks and lavenders in stone choices this year, which are two ways to color-block beautifully with the drab red hue. In general, keep prettier color cousins in mind when adorning your Marsala-colored attire.


Whimsical color combinations. There were plenty of patterns and crazy color combinations—remember Chanel’s rainbows?—on runways for Spring and Pre-Fall 2015, so accessories should nod to those aesthetics in the form of mosaics of color, playful trios of hues, more rainbows, or single pops of color to highlight one in a pattern.



Statement necklaces. Just as varied earring styles reigned supreme in 2014, necklaces will take that must-have spot in 2015. You will want bibs, chokers, and long and short pendant and station numbers on hand to adorn fashion’s veritable buffet of necklines, some pieces that will be ideal for layering, while others will simply make a strong outfit statement. Traditional fashion rules keep getting tossed out the proverbial window, so feel free to create your own.


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