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Here’s Why Sunscreen is a Must, Even During Monsoon!

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Sunscreens are the best possible protection and love you can give to your skin every day to keep it youthful, patches free and glowing. Sunscreens are must haves for every season and should be applied religiously before you step out of the house every time. You should always apply sunscreens on your face and other exposed areas immediately after your bath in the morning and then get dressed and do other chores. This gives time for the skin to absorb the cream and you won’t sweat it out once you step outside. Depending on the SPF, you should re-apply every 2-3 hours after washing your face with water or wiping with a damp cloth.

But the question is – do you need to wear sun protection even on cloudy or rainy days? The answer is a firmly resounding yes.

If it’s cloudy, rainy, or cold outside, it’s easy to assume you’re safe. But anyone who’s gotten a sunburn while vacationing in the hills knows that’s not true. In this post, we’ll break down the myths about weather and explain why it is so important to wear sunscreen everyday, even on cloudiest of days.

Why Should You Wear Sunscreen on Cloudy Days?

Let’s talk some science!

Clouds filter out sunlight but not UV rays, the bad ones that cause aging and cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that clouds block as little as 20% of UV rays — so on a cloudy day you’re still getting up to 80% of the sun’s harsh effects.

Some say you’re actually at more risk on cloudy days, since UV rays can bounce off of clouds. According to American Scientist, “Reflection off the sides of cumulus clouds is one mechanism by which UV radiation can become focused.” The science may be hard to grasp, because it depends on the thickness of the clouds and how much of the sky they cover — factors that can change within minutes. But the bottom line is, yes, you should still wear sunscreen on cloudy days.

Should You Wear Sunscreen on Cold or Rainy Days?

Yes, always yes. Don’t think that rain or cold weather automatically means you can’t get burned. Sometimes you get an odd day that’s sunny and rainy at the same time. Basically, you’re better off just being in the habit of wearing sunscreen every day!

It is also important to note that UV rays are independent of temperature — so you can get just as much sun damage on a cold, sunny day than you can a hot summer one.


Places Where You’re Especially at Risk

Some conditions make you extra-vulnerable to ultraviolet rays: snow and ice, lakes and other bodies of water, white sandy beaches, and even concrete. All of these surfaces can act as mirrors, bouncing the sun back at you and exposing you to more UV rays. According to CNN, snow reflects up to 80% of UV rays, and sand reflects almost 20%. Sea foam reflects about 25%.

So if you’re going surfing, fishing, or just enjoying the great outdoors on a slightly cloudy day, definitely wear sunscreen. Other factors that can increase your UV risk are being closer to the equator, being at a high elevation, and being outside when the sun’s rays are the strongest (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Best Sunscreens Under 1000 Bucks!

1. Proactiv Daily Sunscreen SPF 30 – ₹800
Proactiv has an easy and lightweight formula which can also be used while swimming.

2. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3 in 1 matte daily sunblock SPF 40 – ₹225
Its non greasy formula is best for oily skin that tends to have pimples.

3. VLCC Sweat Free Sunblock SPF 40 – ₹325
This product can be used all over the body and is proven to be effective for beach outings and can be used during swimming.

4. Lacto Calamine Sun Shield SPF 30 – ₹199
Lacto Calamine is one of the most recognised brands that is very effective for all skin types. The sun shield lotion has two products, one for dry skin and the other for oily skin and both of them leaves your skin super soft, smooth and supple.

5. Dr. Reddy’s Shadowz Lotion SPF 30 – ₹265
Dr.Reddy’s products are very helpful but are found only in limited few drugstores in India. The Shadowz is very lightweight, completely sheer and gets completely absorbed by the skin in minutes.

6. Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry Touch SPF 50 – ₹175
Nutrogena is one of the best skincare brands in India. This formula doesn’t make you sweat at all and its high SPF protects your skin for long hours.

7. Ansolar Sunscreen SPF 30 and SPF 60 – ₹600
This is the absolute best sunscreen ever and is highly recommended by dermatologists. Its formula has antioxidant and anti aging effects apart from the high sun protection it gives.


Whichever sun protection product you choose, make sure you apply it daily and re-apply again every 3-4 hours. Leave your thoughts on most effective sunblocks in the comments section below!



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