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15 Times Chandler Bing Was A Social Disaster!

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Our very own Mr. Chandler Bing was probably the most socially awkward person to have walked the fictional universe. Even his sarcastic humor was part of his awkward charms. How he managed to land someone as hot as Monica, we’ll never know. But we love the unbearably cute and the adorably hopeless Chandler. Here are 15 times when he killed us with his social awkwardness of epic proportions.

1. “Excuse me, I seem to have dropped my ball.” “Yeah, so?” “…and now I’ve picked it up again.”

This was Chandler’s hilarious attempt to hit on Rachel. In the epic episode, The One With The Flashback, Chandler drops his pool ball near Rachel, who is not his friend yet, hoping to get some action. Well, sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Bing, but with a line like that, nobody’s giving you anything but a weird look.


2. “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”

This is Chandler’s innate nature in his own words. Chandler misinterprets Janice’s actions into thinking that she wants him to be committed and when he does commit fully to her, he is rejected by Janice (which is humiliating because rejected by JANICE?). Aw, Chandler, we understand your emotions, but we believe you can do better than Janice.


3. “This whole time we were concentrating on the babies and no one was watching Chandler!” 

Oh Chandler, the one fully functional adult that can swallow a toy gun is you. In Season 6, when Phoebe brings home her brother’s triplets to babysit, Chandler sucks a child’s toy (for reasons unknown) and gets a toy gun jammed in his throat, leaving Phoebe alone to deal with the triplets while Monica has to take Chandler to the hospital. Talk about a trainwreck.


4. “I’m not so great at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

We don’t know if sarcastic comments will help anyone, Chandler. When Rachel is having trouble with her new boyfriend, Joey, she looks to Chandler for advice, who is not capable of giving it. Well Rachel, what did you expect? Chandler giving advice? Nope. Never gonna happen. Might as well ask Phoebe’s rats.


5. “Yeah, we were just talking about that. Can’t believe how stupid we used to look.”

And we wholeheartedly agree. In all the flashbacks from the time of Ross and Chandler’s college days, we can’t help but laugh at their ridiculous “cool guy” looks. Ross’s Afro and mustache were bad yes, but not nearly as bad as Chandler’s “Flock of Seagulls” haircut. I mean, what WAS that thing? This explains why they were lonely losers in college.


6. “Cheese. It’s milk that you chew.”

Remember Chandler’s “cheesy” one-liners that he makes up to impress his new advertising boss? “Crackers. Because your cheese needs a buddy.” “Grapes. Because who can get a watermelon in your mouth?” “Pants. Like shorts, but longer.” Well, thanks for pointing out, Captain Obvious. But finally Chandler found his real calling by working in advertising. Anyone remember what his original job was? A transponster, was it?

7. Miss Chanandler Bong.

Speaking of transponsters, recall the game Chandler and Joey played against Monica and Rachel in a bet to win their apartment. Rachel got the answer wrong and said that the TV guide was delivered in the name of Mr. Chandler Bing, when in fact it comes addressed to a Miss Chanandler Bong. And we all know that he is too much of a social retard to get it corrected.


8. “I’m very happy we’re gonna have all the sex.”

Chandler was at his peak of awkwardness when he was the target of Phoebe and Rachel’s plan to get Monica and him to confess about their relationship. When Phoebe went all “Seduction 101″ on Chandler’s ass, the poor guy tried hard to keep up but nobody wins against Phoebe, love. Chandler’s awkward moves on Phoebe finally come to an end when he blurts out that he is in love with Monica and admits defeat. Well, he’s lucky Monica loves him too. Because the slick moves he did on Phoebe? He’d be single his whole life, if not for Mon’s lucky lapse in judgement.


9. Monica: “I thought he’ll like it. When he was younger, his favorite book was the Velveteen Rabbit. Chandler: “The Velveteen Rabbit was brown and white.” Monica: “Well, it was either a pink bunny or no bunny at all.” Chandler: “NO BUNNY AT ALL. Always NO BUNNY AT ALL.”

We think you looked adorable in the pink bunny costume, Chandler. But the trash talk with Ross before that EPIC (not really) arm wrestling with him to prove who was stronger, was extremely embarrassing. And then Chandler had to go and add a carrot to his bunny ensemble. Real smooth, Chandler.


10. “All right, rock, paper, scissors for who has to tell the whore to leave.”

Technically, the culprit in this awkward situation was Monica, who had ordered a hooker for her husband’s bachelor party, instead of a stripper. But it was Chandler who had to be awkward again. But we really can’t blame him. I mean, what IS a polite way of informing a hooker that she was invited by mistake by a wife who had meant to call a stripper?

11. “Hi I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.”

When Chandler and Monica run into Richard and his date at a restaurant, Chandler starts doing what he’s a pro at – being a social tsunami. But it’s okay. We understand why Richard would make him uncomfortable, with his manly mustache and his manly cigars. But rest assured, we all know that it is only Chandler that Monica has eyes for.


12. “I’m a pretty little girl.” 

Well, this is the punishment for lying to your best friend. When Chandler lies to Joey about having seen the tape of his advertisement he’d given him, which turns out to be a pretty hilarious ad about Ichiban, lipstick for men, Joey punishes the former by ordering him to roam around in the light blue shade of lipstick telling every one that he is a pretty little girl. Well, serves you right, Mr. Bing.


13. “She’s right. If I were a guy and… Did I just say if I were a guy?”

Well Chandler, every one’s had that doubt some time or the other. When Phoebe comes with her problem of having shooting down Mike’s proposal even before he could do it, Chandler begins to tell her his opinion but is stopped midway by his confused gender. But no worries, even without Chandler’s input, Mike and Phoebe sort it out and can we just say how glad we are about that? Mike’s the best.


14. Photographer: “I’m sorry. Is the seat uncomfortable?” Chandler: “No, I am.”

In the episode, The One With The Engagement Picture, Chandler manages to thwart all of Monica’s attempts to make him smile like a normal person in front of the camera but he prefers to smile like a creepy rapist-murderer instead. Monica has no choice but to have Joey with her in the picture. We’re surprised Monica still sticks around.

15. Chandler’s Victory Dance.


We save the best for last. Every time Chandler dances, it’s just so awful that people around him want to kill themselves. No wonder Monica is unable to handle the dance at times. We realise that words are not enough to describe the dance, so here you go.

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Tell us in the comments if you relate with any of Chandler’s cute awkwardness.

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