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The Most Stylish Westerosi Women!

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The much awaited Season 5 of the phenomenally spectacular drama series Game of Thrones is all set for its world premiere on 13th April, and we’re sure it’s going to be another 52 minutes of “edge of the seat” epicness, living up to general expectations. In keeping with tradition, we’re betting this season too, would be all things bloody, gross and superbly awesome, with no telling who is up next for a horrible, horrible death (we’re still hardly over the Viper’s!). But the uncertainty and insane guesswork are not the only things that make this show a world-wide hit – there’s the breathtaking set design and the grand, beautifully crafted wardrobes too! The stunning medieval styles call for quite some credit, nothing less than a standing O, and so do the iconic characters that pull them off!

Style Aria breaks down the styles of our favorite Westerosi women (and Queen Bitch Cersei’s too!).

Sansa Stark – Sansa’s costumes are an amalgam of her location, her role in society, her personality, and the cruel fate she has suffered. Her character has matured significantly over the past four seasons of Game of Thrones. Her wardrobe keeps changing subtly, keeping in line with her story, reflecting her growth as a character. We first meet Sansa in season 1 of Game of Thrones at her home in Winterfell. Her clothes are simple, classically cut with princess seams and billowing sleeves, the fabrics fine and soft to signify her status as the Lord Stark’s daughter. In King’s Landing (season 2), her dresses are more refined in design and the colors she wears are mostly soft pastels that betray her vulnerability and fragility. By Season 3, there is yet another subtle change in Sansa’s clothing, with the colors going back to being dark, murky shades of the harsh North, and the fabric heavier (almost like a barrier between her person and the cruel realities of the world surrounding her). These heavier clothes also reflect her inner might. She has persevered through considerable pain in her engagement to sadistic King Joffrey. Finally, Season 4 sees Sansa closer home than ever, and that reflects in her wardrobe when she looks more and more like her mother.






Margaery Tyrell – Lady Margaery’s outfits have brought greater attention to the costuming in Game of Thrones, be it positive or negative. She seems to be bringing a kind of fashion Renaissance to a previously heavy and conservatively medieval King’s Landing. Her costumes definitely bring a great deal of insight into her character, and they are undoubtedly striking, especially when compared to her capital counterparts. We meet Margaery Tyrell in season 2 at a tourney in Storm’s End, wearing a light blue ensemble with a very low cut neckline. Interestingly, this is the most covered up we’ve ever seen Margaery in the series. This is also the only time we have ever seen her in true Tyrell green, given to us by the underscarf she wears beneath her cropped jacket. The baby blue we see Margaery so often wear is to emphasize the softness, grace and delicacy of her character. Using bold colors with these silhouettes would really drive home the “harlot” feel, so the blue works to soften the impact of the low necklines. Regarding the three main women in King’s Landing, the color scheming is rather blatantly evocative of each character’s persona. Cersei is perpetually in Lannister red, boldly trying to assert her power, Sansa in a muted mauve, blending in with her surroundings, and Margaery is forever in baby blue, giving her an aura of serenity and grace. And her rose embellished wedding gown is gorgeous, of course (too bad Joff’s purple dying face stole the spotlight entirely)! Backless gowns, midriff baring cutouts and plunging necklines – we do hope to see a lot more of Margaery’s revolutionary style statements in the upcoming season!





Cersei Lannister – Cersei Lannister is the quintessential evil queen, right up there with The Queen from Snow White and the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Her gowns are cut in the fashionable wrapped style of King’s Landing and accessorized with metal belts. Colours are slightly muted in Season 1, as she is kept in the shadow of her husband, Robert Baratheon, and must be extremely secretive in her political and personal maneuvering. As Cersei takes full power in Season 2 the tones of her gowns become brighter, allowing her radiance and boldness of character to really reflect. Cersei also begins to adopt floral pattern armour for everyday wear. According to costume designer Michele Clapton, Cersei’s wide metal belts from the beginning of the series are made in the style of Lannister armour, thus she literally shields herself in the power of her family. This need for armour becomes more apparent as Tywin takes power and Joffrey spirals out of control, and she wears a stylized golden breastplate over her gowns. Let’s see what more Season 5 has in store for the steadily downward-spiralling Cersei.





Daenerys Targaryen – The Dragon Mommy has undergone one of the most dramatic transformations over the past four seasons of Game of Thrones. She begins a helpless pawn, but grows into the Mother of Dragons and a conquering hero, finally becoming queen of Meereen. In the beginning, Dany is under the tight control of her repulsive brother Viserys, and her Grecian gowns are shades of very pale lavender and pink and made of flimsy silk, reflecting her frailty of character. Daenerys does not stay vulnerable for long. As she settles into her role as Khaleesi and slowly finds love with her husband, her wardrobe changes to reflect this new status. She dresses in the style of her people, the Dothraki, wearing a top of roughly woven cloth, twisted rope, a split suede skirt and form fitting trousers. The coarse fabrics imply her character is growing stronger. In Qarth, she swaps the rough Dothraki garb for the flowing empire dresses that the women in the city prefer. This is a guise to woo those in power and get herself an army. The decorative metal collars and belts symbolize a type of armor. By the time she takes Qarth and gets her dragons back, she is back in Khaleesi mode, wearing form-fitting, structured ensembles. It is also worth noting that once again Daenerys is wearing trousers, implying her standing equal to men. By Season 4, she has really come into her own sartorially (not so much as Queen though!), and is dressed in structured leather gowns and cutout dresses – outfits befitting her status as Queen of Meereen.






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