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Our List of Top 15 Dream Valentines!

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Most of the dreamboats on our list of Dream Valentines are taken, we are aware, but the world isn’t perfect. If it was, they probably would’ve been our valentine for real!

1. David Beckham – The suave and ruggedly handsome footballer gives us a serious case of the butterflies every time he smiles.


2. Adam Levine – We have been plotting the downfall of Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo ever since the “Lost Stars” hitmaker and hottie extraordinaire Adam Levine got hitched to her!


3. Ryan Reynolds – The new daddy is every girl’s dream date – his “Prince Charming” looks make sure of it. Blake Lively really has it all. Sigh!


4. Ryan Gosling – This one committed himself to being objectified and worshiped by women around the world as perfect boyfriend material when he played one of the most romantic characters in the history of cinema – Noah from The Notebook.


5. Bradley Cooper – 6 feet of pure hotness, this guy clearly deserves to be on every “hot guys” list ever made! It doesn’t hurt that he is also talented as hell.


6. Chris Evans – Captain America is what we call the All American Boy – the quintessential blue eyes – blonde hair – perfect abs combination that instantly makes him a date made in heaven!


7. Chris Pratt – The Guardians of The Galaxy star is everything we want in a man – sweet, funny and extremely good-looking! Star Lord sure made an impressive impact on the ladies.


8. Chris Hemsworth – Named this year’s Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine, Hemsworth seems like he would be the perfect Valentines date!


9. Ed Sheeran – Apart from the fact that he came out with this year’s Valentine Anthem – Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran is also supremely adorable and sweet. He’s the kinda man you want to take home to mom!


10. Daniel Radcliffe – Because who doesn’t want to go on a date with Harry Potter? Dan gets bonus points for being funny and unnervingly cute.


11. Tom Felton – Girls who claim they didn’t find Draco Malfoy attractive are obviously lying. Tom Felton seems like the kinda guy who’ll keep you laughing all through your date!


12. Kit Harington – Because we all want to say “You know nothing, Jon Snow” to him! Also because he has all that glorious hair.


13. Robert Downey Jr. – We’d take this 50 year old hottie over any 25 year old, any day! With his witty comebacks and sarcastic humor, Tony Stark definitely makes it to our list of Dream Valentines!


14. Fawad Khan – The newest heartthrob in Bollywood is a serious contender for our perfect date! He’s courteous, well-mannered and he has got the smacking good-looks to match.


15. Siddharth Malhotra – Cutest puppy dog eyes ever. Enough said.


As a surprise bonus, we’d like to add Jane Austen’s out of this world creation, the epitome of romantic perfection and the bar by which we measure every other male we encounter – Mr. Darcy! We’re sure no dream valentine could ever really measure up to the one Lizzy Bennet got.




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