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15 Lazy Girl Hairstyles That Will Take 5 Minutes Or Less!

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Winter mornings are especially hard on us, since our blankets are a cocoon of warmth! The snooze button definitely takes priority over primping and hair-styling. So we made a list of 15 step by step tutorials that will end in fabulous hairdos in just 5 minutes… or less!

1.  Knot your everyday basic ponytail! Apply mousse or serum to get rid of the frizz and make hair manageable. Then carefully tie your hair into the basic double knot. Secure with a hair tie in a way that the hair tie is hidden beneath the knot. There you have it – your not so basic side ponytail!


2. The milkmaid braid – Braid two sections of your hair then place your left braid over your head and secure the edge to the right side of your head with bobby pins. Do the same on your right braid. Voila! Your Phoebe Buffay inspired hairstyle is pretty and easy!


3. The criss-cross bun – The chic bun just got chicer! Roll upper half of your hair into a bun. Divide lower hair into two. Cross the right part under the bun and wrap the hair around it and secure with a bobby pin or two. Do the same with the left part.


4. The twisted side ponytail – Start twisting pieces of hair together, from the back of your ear moving toward the other side. Secure in a side ponytail with a hair tie. Wrap a small piece of hair over the the hair tie until it’s very small and can be tucked under the ponytail with a bobby pin.


5. A tousled braid is oh-so-trendy and super easy to do. Simply sweep your hair back and weave a low, loose braid—don’t worry if pieces fall out along the way. Dab on a tinted lip gloss and you’re good to go!


6. We love braids of all varieties, but this little hairline braid is a quick way to get cute in a hurry. Just french braid along the hairline and pin it up  behind your ear!


7. Speaking of gorgeous up-dos that don’t require hours of hard work- have you tried scarves? There are dozens of interesting ways to tie a scarf and create a truly magnificent hairstyle even on a bad hair day! Wrap it around like a headband to cover up the fact that you’ve neglected to wash your hair, braid it with your hair on days when you don’t want to bother with voluminizing products or wrap it like a turban in case your hair is a total mess and you don’t have a minute to waste on styling it.


8. A glamorous, slightly messy ponytail is one of those easy hairstyles that certainly won’t require more than five minutes of your time and will make you look super-chic. So, whenever your hair declares a war, just sweep it in a ponytail leaving one tiny section out, tease the base of the ponytail and wrap the section you’ve left out to hide the band.



9. Spice up the classic “half up half down” hairdo by making a dainty little braid down the middle on the backside of your head.


10. The braid in braid – We’re going to bet that you’ve already mastered the standard three-strand braid. This “braid in braid” hairstyle is so easy that you’ll have time to spare in your regular “getting ready” AM routine. All you have to do is divide your hair into three even parts, then braid the middle section. After that, just braid all your hair together the regular way. We love the texture in the final look.


11. The knotted and wrapped bun – Here’s another romantic updo that is — honest-to-goodness — lovely enough for a big, formal event. It’s also super pretty for more casual shindigs, so don’t hold back. All you have to do is brush out your hair, divide it into two even sections and then tie the sections into a knot. Next, wrap each section of hair around the knot and pin into place.


12. Messy chignon – So you know how, when you’re in a rush, you pull your hair back and loop it back into the ponytail? That’s kind of what this hairstyle is, but more finessed. All you have to do is gather hair into a low ponytail and then loop it into a low chignon bun with some hair peeking out. Next, pull that excess hair around the elastic, wrap it around the base and secure. Finally, pull out little pieces of hair at your discretion and march yourself right out the door.



13. Sometimes, all you need to do is put a bow on it! This pretty bow hairstyle is very easy if you know how to tie a simple bow knot.
Just take two small sections of hair (one from each side) and tie them together in a neat bow!


14. The braided bun appears a lot more complicated than it really is, and it’s a great solution to bad hair days.
Pull hair back into a low side ponytail just behind your ear and secure with an elastic.
Separate a 2-inch-wide section from the ponytail and braid it.
Pull the braid aside and wind the rest of the ponytail around its base. Anchor with hairpins.
Wrap the braid around the bun and pin the ends into the underside.



15. The rope twist braid is a super easy, super fast and super pretty hairstyle that will afford you some extra time for sleeping in. This two strand braid is created by twisting your hair in one direction, then wrapping the two sections together in the opposite directing. The contrast in directions forms a strong braid that can be worn as a ponytail style, or twisted around into buns or chignons.




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