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20 Things All Indian Moms Say To Their Kids!

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Indian Moms are a whole different, special species, with some personality traits characteristic to them. While they are, without a doubt, the coolest, most loving and nurturing set of mothers around, there’s no denying that they can be (at times!) overly annoying too when they set their minds to it. They’ll keep pestering you about your hair, or your choice of clothing or the mess in your room. But let’s face it – we love them because they are that way! Here are 20 things (or something along those lines if not the exact same words) that every Indian mom has said to her kid at one point of time or another.


1. (gesturing toward the house maid) “Do you want to end up like them, cleaning for a living? Because that is what you’ll end up doing if you don’t study now!”

2. “Why do you forget to make your bed every morning? How hard is it to fold your sheets neatly?”

3. “It’s Sunday! Why don’t you clean out your closet? There are a lot of things in there that you could do well without.”

4. “It’s Sunday! Why don’t you re-organize your desk? That pile of books is about to spill over!”

5. “Why is your room such an utter mess all the time?”


6. “I read on a blog online that eating too much pizza can result in serious diseases! Bas, tera bahar khana band.

7. (to girls) “Why don’t you take cooking classes? The only thing you know how to cook is maggi, and that’s no good when you get married! What will you feed your husband? What will your in-laws think of me?”



8. (to boys) “What is that stink coming from your room? It’s like something died in there!”

9. “Put your dirty clothes in the laundry now, or you will have no clean underwear left. Then don’t come crying to me!”

10. “Are you really going out wearing that?”



11. “What time will you come back home? I’ll keep dinner ready, so don’t eat out!”


12. “How do you manage to find anything in this mess? Let me clean your room at least!”

13. “I don’t like that friend of yours. His mother is so weird.”

14. “Who’s that girl who called on the landline last night? Is she your girlfriend?”

15. “Why are you so weird about introducing me to your friends? It’s not like I’m going to embarrass you by showing them your naked baby pictures!” (then, she will go on to post those naked baby pictures on social media!)


16. “At least call once when you stay out the entire day! You have no sense of responsibility. I keep worrying and you never even think about your poor mother!”


17. “Why aren’t you accepting my friend request on Facebook?”

18. “That guy is in so many of your Facebook pictures. Is he your boyfriend?”

19. (to boys) “Hero mat bano… sweater pehno!”

20. “Ask your father when he comes home.”




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