What are Dungarees? The Old Trend Is Back

Dungarees came from protective clothing for workers; they have since evolved into fashionable casual attire. Traditional dungarees are trousers or jeans with a pocket top commonly known as a bib attached by braces and have existed since the early 1890s when they were worn as protective clothing in factories. Over time dungarees dropped their traditional work attire image and started to be dressed as fashion items.

Dungarees are perfect for the hot season; they keep you comfortable while you look stylish. They are versatile and comfortable to wear often worn with a t-shirt or a Breton top for that day out with your girlfriends. Most people mistake that dungarees are only meant for kids. Well, it’s easy to dress a kid in a dungaree than an adult.

It might be a bit tricky for an adult to wear a dungaree, however; you can pull it off without making a big fashion mistake. Here are a few tips on how to wear one.

1.    Print and wash denim Dungarees.

Many people assume that dungarees are only available or look good in wash denim and print. Colorful print denim always looks smart, and it provides a trendy look especially if its combined with a simple light colored top.

2.    Down dressing.

Depressing down for the weekend in a dungaree is perfect especially if you stick a long sleeved Breton shirt beneath. Some casual shoes or sandals that are comfortable will offer a relaxing feel. A clutch bag would be an excellent finish to going out.

3.    Short style Dungarees

For a stylish woman, summer would be incomplete without a pair of dungaree shorts. It can be worn with heels for that night out, but also fabulous with flat sandals or a pair of converse shoes. For a bright colored pair its stylish to tone down with a sheer blouse. Rugged shorts are the ultimate fashion statement wearable day or night during summer.

4.    Bare midriff

Nothing is more forgiving than dungarees when worn with a crop top. If you don’t want to have your stomach on full display, then a dungaree would conceal that section and still look stylish. You can pair with sunglasses when stepping out.

5.    Colors

Bold colors are the ultimate cool, and the contrast will always leave people amazed. Wearing multi-colored shoes will complement the style to give the best results. You can undo one strap to expose that slogan t-shirt.

6.    Undone top and rolled up legs.

An undone top the exposes you burst, and a beautiful top is the best way to look unique and trendy. The hanging straps always look stylish and add a flare to the entire look, folded up legs is optional, however; its the best way to expose those classy boots.

7.    Long blazer combination.

Combining a dungaree with a long blazer is the best way to keep warm and look stylish. Balancing out proportions with a smart blazer is perfect for casual events or clubbing.

8.    Rock the 70s theme.

If you want to rock the 70s, look then you cannot make it without wearing a flared dungaree. It is a playful concept that will have people envy your style as you enjoy your springtime. Loose fitting denim silk or leather dungaree will make you different from the rest.

Fashion always falls in love why the whole concept is playful and original. As for dungarees, If you are no longer in your early twenties, you can depend on these tips and look glamorous without worrying about looking like an overgrown toddler. Dungarees are stylish and fun, and with these tips, you can confidently rock them and enjoy yourself.


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