How To Bouffant Hairstyle If You Have Short Hair.

The word “bouffant” comes from the French word, “bouffer” meaning to “puff up” or “puff out.” During the 17th Century, this high-standing style came by way of expensive powdered wigs.

Since they are stylish hairdos’, bouffant has been common over time. Many modifications have been done over time; it is no longer a super huge style to wear anymore you can have a small bouffant if you have chin length hair.

This article will show you how you can style a bouffant with short hair. Here are some stuff you will need before we get started,

  • A bristle brush or comb. You can use your regular comb if you do not want to spend on a new one.
  • 8-10 pins preferably bobby pins.
  • A jaw clip. You need to explicitly get the one with interlocking sporks preferably the once that are thick.
  • A hairspray.

Method Bouffant Hairstyle

  1. Bouffant is easily made when the hair is dry, so if you want to wash your hair, I recommend drying it afterwards with a blow-dryer. Make sure you that your roots are dry, smoothing it with a paddle brush.
  2. Apply a bit of mousse to the roots when wet then add an extra measure to guarantee super volume. It is not a mandatory step. However, if you have some time you can roll sections your hair, (down on the sides and backwards on the top) using rollers when your hair is almost dry.
  3. Once done you can blow-dry the hair on a low setting. The low heat will help curl the hair. After a few minutes lightly spray the hair with a hairspray of your choosing then briefly dry again. Leave the rollers on for about 15 to 20 minutes for your hair to set in.
  4. To have a volume results you will need to tease sections of the hair on the top side of the head running a brush-up and down the hair shaft creating interweaves near the root. Since the hair is short, you should slightly tease the hair length.
  5. Carefully use your comb to gently smooth back the top layer close to the back of your head where the teased hair ended and use the bobby pins to secure them. You can start with your fingers while securing them with the pins as you layer them.
  6. For the bottom part that is not teased, smooth the sides back as though you were to make a ponytail. Twist the end slightly and secure with a jaw clip you can also use the same clip to secure the top hair. You need to move it closest possible to the teased area.
  7. Any pieces of hair that are left on the sides twist and secure them into the barrel using bobby pins in a way that the pins are invisible.
  8. Any remaining hair in the front can be styled any method that appeals to can move them to the sides and keep them curly or flat giving a classy look.

Bouffant is a classy hairstyle that you can always use on a formal occasion. The exposure of your physical features such as the neck chin and back compliments the hairdo.  You can have any bouffant you need the methods differ slightly, but they are all glamorous.

I recommend that you try it yourself wear a bouffant and you will attract some attention anywhere you go you can follow this steps and achieve excellent results, however your stylist might do it better than you. Either way, we will need to hear how it goes.

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